Cheating Whatever The Cost

Cheating Whatever The Cost

Recently two hundred students were caught cheating on a business exam at the University of Central Florida, and the sad part about the whole situation was that these students were senior students who were only 2 months out of graduation. The professor who catches students gives them an ultimatum to come forward and admit their dishonesty or face severe consequences.

Cheating in The Academic Environment

Cheating is not acceptable whether it is in the academic environment or the business world and should not be forgiven. The above situation when students are surveyed about what they think is divided equally with some agreeing that it is wrong to deceive and others feel it is fine and that everyone cheats at one time or another.

Unfortunately, cheating, especially in the business world comes from the actions of others in the past and to get business at any cost, and for students who take the attitude to get their degree at any cost or whatever is needed.

Cheating in The Business World

Cheating Whatever The Cost

Do you want employees who take this attitude in your organization? If so be prepared for many headaches and sleepless nights. An employee who will do anything to get business, cover up mistakes or hide the truth is certainly not what you want in your organization’s team. You have to ask yourself, will he betray the company to make a profit?

Case in point: I know an employee who manipulates inventory numbers to cover product damage for a reputable client from a distribution center so the company can go out paying obligations. The clerk explained this to the Vice President and general manager of the center and they liked his ideas and felt he kept them. What should happen is to explain the situation to the client, balance the inventory and try to ensure that it will not happen again through some kind of corrective action.

When a company operates at this level, you must be very careful in dealing with them. How do you know if a company is like this? You can:

  1. Look for other companies that have dealt with them
  2. Check with better business bureaus or other organizations that collect information about companies at the local, regional, and national levels.
  3. Trust your feelings when negotiating with them. If they make it hard to believe claims then that might not be true.

Cheating Damages The Reputation

Any cheating is despicable because it damages your reputation as a person and company and none of that is immune. When you find yourself in that situation, stop and ask yourself if it is worth risking your business, work, and family and if your hunch says no! then don’t do it. It is always best, to be honest, and get ahead with things then cheat your way through things.

Students at the University of Central Florida do not know that professors will expose their cheating now they face a difficult dilemma whether they have to advance and lose face by having to take … Read More

Can Female CEOs Make Technology Business More Profitable?

Can Female CEOs Make Technology Business More Profitable?

Women taking key seats in the upper echelons of business have become commonplace. Now, more than ever, the increase in the number of women in a male-dominated industry is important. Proving this trend, more and more women workers are now making it a global company. Women have been assigned – as engineers, as consultants, and more generally today, as CEOs of global companies that focus on technology.

Female CEOs

The most interesting recent appointment in the technology community is from Virginia “Ginni” Rometty, the first IBM female CEO, one of the largest technology companies in the world to date. Before becoming CEO, 54-year-old Rometty was the honorary head of IBM Sales and Marketing which is highly credited for his leadership in international business marketing and the company’s global strategy, and his contribution to IBM’s revenue in 2010, which exceeded $ 99 billion.

Just a few weeks ago, Hewlett-Packard Co. chose Meg Whitman as CEO. In October, Mylan Pharmaceuticals’ selection for Heather Bresch as CEO had set a new record on the number of Fortune 500 female CEOs, with 18 women holding top positions in the company.

Can Female CEOs Make Technology Business More Profitable?

In an interview with The Grindstone, an online publication aimed at and featuring women, Laura Yecies, CEO of online synchronization, file sharing, and backup service provider SugarSync, believes gender “is a neutral factor” to be successful in male domination. business landscape.

Although the application of business strategies and software opens up great opportunities for his company, Yecies designs strategies for self-empowerment, consciously enhances his career by obtaining further education degrees, seizing leadership opportunities, and gaining as much experience in the field as possible.

Gender Diversity

Meanwhile, “gender diversity” between male and female employees in the workplace, in general, remains broad, with women still struggling to mentor and for the same pay. Watermarks CEO Marilyn Nagel has revealed that there are a number of women leaders in the technology industry mainly because the technology business is not interested in structuring women’s leadership pipelines. As a result, not many women move up the stairs as fast as men, proving the latter’s control of the corridors of business power.

Inherent Characteristics of Women

Citing expert opinion, USA Today underscores that when it comes to company management, the trend is to get employees who follow certain “sanctioned behaviors” – which often translates to “aggressive, unrestricted, and direct behavior” that is usually exhibited by men and because it’s getting shot up the corporate ladder. Women, in general, have also been found to be “risk-averse” than most men. These inherent characteristics of women may prove useful in the decision-making process which involves cutting costs, reducing debt and saving money.

Leadership Entirely Related to the Person

While the decision to direct female technology giant gets attention, the sample size of female CEOs may not be enough to draw conclusions, and linking performance with gender also proves to be unfounded. The Chicago Sun-Times might have stated it correctly: good corporate leadership may be entirely related to that person, and it has nothing … Read More