How To Market In A Downturn Economy

We all know that money is tight for most of this country’s population. People have had to learn to be more frugal in order to stretch their cash on hand. Being frugal is a great […]

We all know that money is tight for most of this country’s population. People have had to learn to be more frugal in order to stretch their cash on hand. Being frugal is a great lesson to learn as being wise towards your finances ensures you have the money to enjoy greater pleasures and, of course, invest in your future. So, how do you market your business when the economy puts restrictions on your income – and ability to grow your business?

Here are a few tips for marketing without taking money out of your pocket:

1. Find Popular Facebook Pages And Participate

Some Facebook pages are open to advertising and some you have to be smart in how you approach people. Find posts on relevant blogs where you can comment on people’s questions, needs or statuses in order to give exposure to a large group of people. The key is to have a FB page where they can simply LIKE your business and eventually join your list. Be sure to look at as many posts as possible and comment uniquely on them. By choosing to comment on several people everyday, you will find significant increase in your FB fan list.

2. Register With Budding Networking Sites Outside The Mainstream

In addition, there are also many free networking sites that are just budding, such as  that help you target a specific audience simply through others voting for you. In the end, the key is organization and commitment to managing a variety of free avenues for marketing.

Be sure to put aside time for advancing each avenue by hand until you have the cash to go to the next level. And, the cash will come through these various tips, enabling you to be successful without spending a fortune.

3. Sign Up As A Product Provider For Affiliate Marketers

There is huge potential in the area of Affiliate Marketing for network marketers to gain exposure and sales of their product(s). However, there is even greater opportunity to draw in experienced Affiliate Marketers as owners of their own MLM business. Affiliate Marketers essentially use the same model by building teams of their own as they gain exposure. What a mighty advantage you have in helping them gain additional rewards by signing up their “down-line” of Affiliates for residual income on your particular MLM business! More importantly, this becomes an additional stream of revenue that will help you fund future advanced marketing techniques.

4. Learn To Write Your Own Content For Blogs & Email Campaigns

Content is King on the Internet simply because it adds value to the customer and builds trust through quality writing. By learning to write yourself, you can save valuable resources for a future more robust campaign. You can also cheaply get content from PLR providers that sell multiple copies of their writing (without over-saturating) at a very low expenditure. And, with PLR, you have the write to brand it in your own name. A great approach is also to re-post one of your leader’s material (with their brand remaining), or ask them to guest blog for your potential customers.

5. Use SEO To Piggyback On Successful Leaders

By engaging yourself in keyword research, you will better target your audience. However, the most effective way to steal traffic from your competitors is to identify those mega leaders that have already demonstrated success. Use the Google AdWords tool, for example to uncover the keywords and page saturation levels that your highly ranked competitors use. Then, you can piggyback on their campaign by including their product or business in the keywords already capturing a large following.

6. Invite All Your Email Contacts To Like Your FB Page

We all have email accounts that are full of people we know or with whom we have corresponded. The fact that these individuals have contacted you or responded to a message opens the door for inviting them to LIKE your fan page. This is done easily in the Find Friends section of Facebook and selecting your email platform to generate a mass mailing of invitations. In addition, you can manually contact friends of friends on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter explaining your connection and belief that what you have would benefit them.

7. Join Social Bookmarking Sites To Build Exposure

Your primary tools for free marketing are social media such as Facebook and Twitter. But, don’t stop there. Many sites offer social bookmarking, increasing your exposure to free traffic while building credibility with search engines. If you have the dough for minimal expenditures, I recommend ClickBank Crazy Cash Submitter – offering you automated access to multiple sites for articles, press releases, RSS feeds, and social bookmarking. Many blogs also offer instant posting to the major social bookmarking like StumbleUpon and Digg with just the click of an icon.