Become a Successful Dog Pro: 4 Tips to Grow Your Business

Become a Successful Dog Pro: 4 Tips to Grow Your Business
Become a Successful Dog Pro: 4 Tips to Grow Your Business

We’re asked often by clients and workshop attendees even as we lecture across the nation to the techniques to succeed in this industry. Here’s what we tell them.

1. Get and keep yourself educated

Whether you happen to be already or desire to turn into a dog trainer, walker, sitter, or daycare or boarding facility owner, your debt it to yourself, your customers, as well as the dogs with your want to know anything you can about dog behavior. We have an unfortunate habit of assuming we understand dogs because we’ve lived with all of them our way of life. The truth is we suffer from numerous often damaging misconceptions and pieces of conventional wisdom about why dogs do the things they’re doing. Ridding yourself of the myths forces you to a much more effective dog pro.

Start by attending a scientifically-sound program depending on positive reinforcement, then maintain your education through seminars, reading, DVDs, and professional conferences.

2. Learn how to market yourself

A deficiency of or poor marketing will be the biggest reason for failure inside our industry. Too many dog pros depend upon a “build it and they will come” approach, or a few brochures or fliers spread about. This rarely has got the job done, especially in a lively market like the Bay Area. I also see dog pros waste precious funds on passive advertising that rarely works-Google ads, yellow pages ads, direct mailers, etc. Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful, nevertheless, it should be done and done smart.

My focus when you use clients would be to develop inexpensive community-based marketing plans that play to non-public strengths-good writers can write a constant column or newsletter, for instance. I also recommend finding a strategy to jump out. Look around at other providers with your …